Gin moku

Créateur de bonsaïs français

Ginmoku Bonsai, the money tree
Siret: 900 743 378 00011 / 38640 Claix

Photographs: Ginmoku Bonsai & Hugo Dureisseix

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Gin moku is a passionate team with quality service close to you!

Offering successful bonsai is important to us.

We are also at your service to maintain them and we provide private or group lessons .
We also offer quality bonsai to decorate your spaces !

Come discuss it with us...


"Trees are sanctuaries, with breaths and lives much longer than ours. Knowing how to look at them and listen to them puts us in touch with a slow rhythm, the rhythm of the earth"

"A landscape gardener by training, with almost ten years in the field, then a designer of living spaces, I became passionate about bonsai fifteen years ago. My personal collection now includes around 120 subjects, some of them in my company since very beginning.

Having acquired a solid experience, enriched by several trips to Japan and internships with renowned masters, I wanted to create local and qualitative bonsai trees, in an affordable price range. My wish is to be able to offer a local offer, somewhat similar to Japanese nurseries ".

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At Ginmoku, we plant, cultivate and create quality pieces, in an ecological approach, without chemical fertilizers, without genetically modified seeds, and above all by letting the natural seasons punctuate this culture.

We mainly work with mountain, French and local plant species to make our bonsai . Being adapted to our environment, we have very few losses and these trees are more vigorous and resistant once at home.

Our inspiration is based on a centuries-old Japanese tradition , to achieve a natural , logical and contemplative aesthetic.


Welcome to our universe dedicated to the sale of small trees... very endearing.

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We choose pots, colors and shapes with care, for an immediate and minimalist net visual.
We seek to offer small, rather successful bonsai trees, which can immediately satisfy you by easily finding a place in your home.

Finally, we place great value on the Japanese aesthetic and spiritual concept of Wabi-Sabi in our work. This concept speaks of impermanence. It is an aesthetic perception of the ephemeral nature of all things , and of beauty in the imperfect.


A beautiful image from Japanese literature says that during an examination, a monk was asked to sweep up the dead leaves in the garden of a temple. He therefore cleaned the ground completely, then in a gesture which the spirit anticipated on the Wabi-Sabi , he shook the trunk of a tree, causing a few leaves to fall.

Wabi-sabi, by Léonard KOREN, Le Prunier SULLY 2015 edition.